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Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush (Pink)

Our Sonic cleansing brush adopts ultrasonic technology to vibrate the brush head, which can help cleanse and massage the skin. In contrast to old traditional face cleansing methods, our sonic facial cleansing brush deeply cleans the pores, removing all the dirt that clogged your pores. The fine bristles of the brush can reach deep down the pores and gently scrub the dirt that lies inside them ensuring clearer and smoother skin. It also helps reduce the size of your pores, because clogged dirt and oil make the pores look bigger. The two brush heads fulfill all kinds of cleaning requirements; the brush bristles provide a deeper pore exfoliation while the silicone head provides a better massaging and surface exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush (Pink)

  • • Wet the brush head.

    • Wet your face and apply a foaming face wash of your choice evenly to your face.

    • Turn on the sonic facial cleansing brush and adjust the settings to the cleansing level you desire by clicking the power button.

    • Using circular motions, glide the brush over your face for about 20 seconds on each spot. (Don’t press it into the skin as you want to gently exfoliate without dragging the skin)

     • Start on your forehead, then move down onto the nose and finish on the cheeks. (Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and stick to eye makeup remover and cotton pads to remove eyeshadow and mascara)

     •  Our brush will give a reminder to change cleansing area after each 20 seconds. It has a timing reminder so that you don’t use it too long. It will automatically switch off after 1 minute. Ideally, you want to use it for 1 minute, morning and evening (although more sensitive skin might prefer using just once a day).

     • Turn the device off and thoroughly rinse away any excess cleanse

     • Rinse your face with water